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Handbags Inspired from the 1950′s to 1980′s – Honey Replica Handbags – Brands Designers Handbags And New Products

It is not rare for a designer to take inspiration from past eras, and there are many handbag designers whose bags showcase a vintage inspiration with a modern twist. We’ve compiled a list of today’s handbags that share features with handbags from the past. Do these spark any memories?

1950′s: Bags of the 1950′s symbolized femininity by putting great emphasis on a ladylike and delicate appearance. This shoulder bag by Prada is definitely reminiscent of the 1950′s with its classic leather material and rectangular shape. What makes this bag more modern? The snap closure instead of a metal framed clasp.

1960′s: Floral prints were no stranger to the 1960′s, and this Riki Rosetta Alexandra clutch utilizes the floral effect in a unique way. Rather than having in-your-face floral patterns featured on the handbag, this clutch gives you the elegance of a handheld bag with the inspiration of the 60′s. Great for formal events at night or a lunch date with your girlfriends during the day, this will be your go-to clutch!

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