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10 Essential Books For The Fashion Set – Honey Replica Handbags – Brands Designers Handbags And New Products

Every person who aspires to lead a cultured life should start by educating themselves about the personalities and events that have shaped the luxury industry.

Here are 10 books that taught me a lot. They’re each well-written and give real insight on the history and current state of luxury from a business or artistic perspective.

This isn’t an exhaustive list, but it’ll lend ample ammo to beginning an intelligent discussion.

, Axel Madsen – Madsen’s take on Gabrielle Chanel’s life has been criticized for failing to fully capture her French spirit, but as a non-obsessive Chanel fan (I love her, of course, but I don’t count myself among the members of her cult) I found it intriguing.Anyway that critique is to be expected from readers looking for a more laudatory tale.

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