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The difference between Valentino diffusion and main lines

In the circumstance within of the Valentin Bow Flap Bag as well as the much less pricey red-colored Valentino leather-based Bow Shoulder Bag, we are dealing using the latter issue. Sit them subsequent to each and every other, and all of a sudden one has obtained to wonder why anybody would spend $500 to the much less pricey option.

The comparable aesthetics within of the Valentino and red-colored Valentino handbag lines have continually astonished me. Sure, a principal collection and its tiny sister need to possess some stuff in common, but sharing signatures – like Valentino’s bows, for example – continually runs one of two risks. First, the less-expensive bags are as well comparable toward the originals, which could imply the fact that “affordable” collection cannibalizes some within of the principal line’s sales. Second, the comparison within of the two may make the diffusion bags start looking unbelievably affordable or childish, which could harm income and undermine the target of the diffusion collection (to capitalize near to the cache within of the originals to provide an influx of uncomplicated cash.)

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